Coggiatti & Associati - Law Firm.

Coggiatti & Associati - Law Firm

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Il palazzo dove risiede lo studio coggiattiCOGGIATTI & ASSOCIATI, formerly Studio Legale Coggiatti, was founded in 1996. The firm has its principal office in Rome and associated offices in Milan, Florence and Verona, The firm provides assistance and advice on civil and commercial legal issues, particularly financial and banking, insurance, sports and telecommunications) whether contentious or non-contentious. New departments have been created within the firm dealing with corporate and criminal law.

For dealing with detailed aspects of taxation law, the firm uses the services of lawyers and commercial practitioners with whom we have developed firm relationships of reliable teamwork over the years.

Il palazzo dove risiede lo studio coggiatti

The firm regularly gives assistance to clients in English, French and Spanish.  Coggiatti e Associati organises periodic internal professional training programmes, recognised by the Rome bar council.

Interno dello studioThe firm is one of the founders of the Italian Leg-all - Studi Legali Alleati, an alliance of independent law firms with Studio Legale Mastellone of Florence - -, Studio Legale Sardo of Milan - - and Dindo, Zorzi & Associati of Verona - -).

The firm is also a member of MIInteract (www.miinteract.coma close, collaborative network of specialist legal Firms mainly based in Europe committed to offering outstanding legal solutions.