The Firm has consolidated experience in litigation, judicial and arbitration, civil (real rights, obligations and civil liability, leases, energy, telecommunications, inheritance, family law), commercial, employment law and insolvency.

Coggiatti & Associati represents its Customers, Italian and foreign, in every phase and degree of the process, being often involved, also from other studies, in the judgments before the Supreme Court of Cassation.

Qualified relationships from multi-year collaboration allow the Firm to guarantee Clients, through a widespread network of correspondents, a “personalized” assistance on the whole national territory and abroad.

Coggiatti & Associati offers consultancy and assistance to companies and insolvent subjects in the various phases of the crisis: from the study and from the preventive advice on the management of insolvency, to the possible use of insolvency procedures or to the restructuring of extra-judicial debt.

The Firm assists the entrepreneur during the entire procedure aimed at admission to the insolvency procedure, as well as the organs of the same in the assessment and recovery of the credit.

The activity extends to the judicial defense of extraordinary administrations, bankruptcies and preventive agreements.

The Firm also provides consultancy and assistance in favor of creditors of companies undergoing corporate restructuring or in bankruptcy.

The Firm provides Italian and foreign companies, as well as institutions, including non-commercial ones, assistance and consultancy in the field of commercial and corporate law, and, in particular, in the negotiation and drafting of business contracts, and, in general, in the management of problems related to ordinary company activities.

As for extraordinary operations, the activity includes assistance in the reorganization of companies and in the acquisition and disposal of companies and equity investments, including preparatory and related legal due diligence activities and management of employment law aspects.

The Firm provides, not exclusively to the employer side, assistance on every issue and aspect of labor law, both in the contract, and in the litigation phase, and, in particular, with reference to the management of the employment relationship, preparation of the relative contracts and management of remuneration aspects, negotiation and preparation of corporate reorganization and restructuring projects, transfer of company including preliminary labor law due diligence, management of labor issues in insolvency procedures, use of social safety nets, individual and collective dismissals, management of relations with directors and / or managers, agency relations.

In the field of family law and minors, the Firm has acquired a specific know-how in the settlement of disputes, including cross-border disputes, having been, on several occasions, involved in the solution of problems arising from child abductions committed in compound families from spouses of different nationalities and / or religions.

In separation proceedings, divorce and in procedures aimed at solving problems arising from de facto relationships of cohabitation, the Firm’s assistance is aimed, as a preliminary step, at identifying consensual solutions for mutual satisfaction of the parties.

The Firm provides judicial and extrajudicial consultancy and assistance in the field of public procurement (works, supplies and services) and public contracts, construction and urban planning, the trade sector, authorizations and public services in general, law health and the environment, competition and consumer law, public accounting and public employment.

The Firm provides judicial and extrajudicial assistance in the criminal field, with particular specialization in the matter of corporate crimes, administrative liability of the entity, insolvency crimes, criminal liability for accidents at work, construction crimes, crimes against the public administration and against public faith, medical professional responsibility.

The Firm also carries out consultancy activities for the preparation of Organization and Management Models pursuant to Legislative Decree 8 June 2001 n. 231 on the administrative liability of institutions.

With reference to private international law, the Firm, also thank to the collaboration of foreign Professionals operating in the international networks of which it is a part, provides assistance and advice on the recognition and enforcement of foreign jurisdictional measures, natural persons capacities and rights, contractual and extra-contractual liability. Coggiatti & Associati also assists its Clients in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings that involve foreign companies abroad.

The Firm assists companies in relation to the evaluation and review of procedures and documentation for the purposes of compliance with privacy legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation. The Firm avails itself, from a technical point of view, of the consolidated experience of IT companies and consultants connected to the Italian Privacy College, an association of professionals for the purposes of study, collaboration and training in the field of privacy.

Coggiatti & Associati, which has always been attentive to the subject of professional training, has been organizing, for over 15 years, periodic updating meetings accredited by the Council of the Bar Association of Rome and, annually, thanks to a consolidated relationship with the main universities, an internship for young Italian and foreign undergraduates and graduates who wish to pursue a career in the areas covered by the Firm.